Washing Instructions:

It is recommended that you wash all diapers and inserts twice in hot water before the first use in order to remove the natural oils in the fabrics that we use. We suggest that you use a fragrance free, bleach free, additive free detergent suitable for babies. It is not recommended that you use bleach, dryer sheets, or fabric softener as they decrease the absorbency of the diaper and insert.

After Each Use:

We recommend using Wet Bags to store your diapers in until laundry day. See our Wet Bag section for more information.

Wet diapers can go right into the Wet Bag, no rinsing necessary. For soiled diapers we recommend flushing any solids into the toilet. If necessary give the diaper a quick rinse to remove any residue then place it in the Wet Bag until laundry day. (Note: You can also use disposable liners. There is no need to soak diapers before washing.

Washing Routine:

  1. Remove diapers from Wet Bag
  2. Separate diapers and inserts and put into washing machine along with your Wet Bag(s)
  3. Run through a cold rinse to remove excess liquids
  4. Wash as normal in cold or hot water
  5. Hang Wet Bag to dry (do not put in the dryer)
  6. Dry diapers and inserts on low heat or hang to dry