Are cloth diapers safe?
Yes, cloth diapers are proven to safer than disposable diapers..

How Long Will it Take to Receive My Order?
We ship all orders within 24 hours. Rush shipping is available for an extra charge.

I am wondering if it is ok to use your micro fiber inserts next to baby’s skin if not using the pocket cover.
Inserts are microfiber which aren't meant to go against the baby's skin. They're meant to go inside the pocket. That's the whole point of using a pocket diaper in the first place. With a pocket diaper, the inside of the diaper is meant to go against the baby's skin that's why its made out of fleece. Fleece against the baby. Microfiber in the middle to absorb. Waterproof outer to not leak.

What is the material made of that is against babys skin?

Troubleshooting Guide:

Diaper Preparation
It is very important that you wash your diapers without detergent a few times before the first use. This “strips” the diapers and helps them become more absorbent. Failing to do this will result in leaky diapers.

Diaper Absorption
It is recommended that you put 2 inserts into the pocket of the diaper during the night if your child is sleeping for an extended period of time.

Diaper Leaking
Diapers can have detergent build up which can cause them to leak. An easy way to see if this is happening is to pour warm water onto your diaper. If it beads and rolls off there is detergent build up. If it soaks in right away your diaper is working properly. If you discover detergent build up it is recommended that you “strip” the diapers by washing them in a cold or hot cycle without detergent. While the diapers are washing check inside to see if there are any soap suds. As long as soap suds are appearing during the wash cycle you need to continue washing them until the water runs clear. After getting the diapers clean again you may want to use less detergent per load of laundry or consider using a different detergent. All detergents respond differently to different water types. So even if you have a cloth diaper safe detergent it may not be compatible with your water type.

Diaper Maintenance
We suggest “stripping” your diapers once a month to maintain the diapers and ensure they are working at their fullest absorbency. Wash them once or twice in a hot or cold cycle without detergent.

Diaper Size

Our diapers fit 8lbs and up however there is no way to factor in the size of your baby’s thighs as this varies per child. With very small babies or premature babies you may have to wait a month or so to use our diapers.
Our diapers should sit right at or just below the belly button as seen in the picture.
You can adjust the snaps according to your baby’s size.

A snug fit around the legs is needed for our diapers to work properly.
A good way to check the sizing is to put the diaper on your child and lift their legs up towards their chest. If there are gaps around the thighs your baby is not ready for our diapers.

If there are no gaps as seen in the picture to the right, your baby is ready for our diapers.
If your baby has small thighs and the diapers fit large in the legs don’t be discouraged. Your baby WILL grow into our diapers.

Diaper Cream & Residues
Oily or creamy substances leave a film on the diapers that prevent moisture from absorbing into the diaper. We recommend that you don’t use diaper creams or fabric softeners with these diapers.

We’re Here If You Need Us
Cloth diapering is a process that takes time. It gets easier the more you do it. Please contact us if you have any questions. We are more than happy to help you!

I live outside the US and Canada but I have purchased over $50. Do I get Free Shipping?
Sorry, but due to the high cost to ship overseas we have to charge shipping. We will send you an invoice for the actual shipping and insurance charges after you place your order.